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EU-COORDINATION was founded in 2001 as a result of the desire of an international team of translators to offer translation services to French companies concerned with quality and their international image. The values of our translation agency are based on simplicity, responsiveness, reliability and economy. These values enable us to offer you quality translation work at a fair price.

Today, EU-COORDINATION leads a worldwide network of more than 350 professional translators who are experts in specific fields and benefit from the high level of experience of our network.


Commercial Offer

Our commercial offer integrates the clarity of costs, degressive rates and precise estimates.

The specificity of our approach to any customer commits us to:

  • Establish a relationship of trust and cooperation with our customers,
  • Take into account the diversity of sectoral micro languages,
  • Observe confidentiality rules,
  • Strictly observe the deadlines.

Our Means

They rest, above all, on:

  • Professional translators who are physically and culturally invested in translation work, thus saving you from a “word-for-word translation” or using unreliable automatic translators.
  • High-performance PC hardware and servers with the necessary programs for processing graphical and textual data ensure optimum security.
  • FTP servers are at the service of our customers to exchange large volumes of data

Areas of specialization

We are one of the leading French players specialized in these fields.

Areas of specialization

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