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Legal translation is not just transposition, but drafting and homogeneity.

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Legal Translation

Require a full warranty on the text that will be delivered to you.

In a context of business globalization, contractual relations are becoming particularly important, and the growth of transnational agreements leads to a real intertwining of legal systems. The demand for quality legal translation continues to grow!

EU-COORDINATION is committed to respecting the absolute confidentiality of the files entrusted to it. Our translations must, in certain cases, be certified as true to the French original in order to be recognised by the administration and have been the subject of an apostille for foreign authorities.

The translators in charge of legal and financial translations all come from the legal sector and are able to translate legal terms and concepts from one system to another.

Sample documents:

  • patents,
  • intellectual property,
  • commercial offers, invitations to tender, business plans,
  • contracts and general conditions,
  • Intellectual property documentation (patents, trademark applications, etc.),
  • administrative documents (sworn translation).

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